The Success Tale Of Instagram

Success Tale Of  InstagramEven after having a significant break through the founders of Instagram have been noticeably silent. This week Facebook has bought this photo sharing app in exchange of $1 billion. Selling an application for this much money is a tremendous achievement for the founders. However the co-founder of Instagram has finally opened his mouth at a seminar called ‘Tech Talk’. On this event he talked on the subject ‘Scaling Instagram’ and shared their experience about how did they reach here. The seminar basically focuses on the engineering background and networking of the company

In his speech Mike Krieger, who is one of the co founder of the company said that what they had to go through just after picking up millions of users. He proudly said that Instagram has never created a fail whale but it certainly faced some 404’s on their way up. The most daunting task was to constantly work on the improvement of the platform and at the same time keep the services on.

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