Justice Department Might Loose The Lawsuit Against Apple

Lawsuit Against AppleAs it appears U.S. Justice Department’s law pursuit against Apple on price fixing is going to end in defeat. This is quite an embarrassment for the department. However this is not the first time they have caused embarrassment for themselves. In 1982 The Justice Department filed a case against IBM but had to abandon the case and confessed, it was “without merit’.  Again in 2001 the legal pursuit against Microsoft turned out to be a mess for the department.

Geoffrey Manne is an antitrust law teacher of Lewis and Clark Law School and he runs an international law firm. He thinks that justice department has stronger case against the publishers than against Apple. Last month news broke out that Apple along with some other companies is trying to fix up the price of e-books and to help their cause they made a deal with the publishers. The Justice department then took this matter into consideration and decided to run a legal pursuit against those companies.


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