LG Viper With 4G LTE: Fast And Eco-Friendly, Still No LTE

LG Viper 4G LTEFrom UL Environment, Viper obtained a rating of platinum for sustainability in building and packaging. Sprint stated that, the body of the phone is 50 % plastic which is recyclable. Phones

Which are Earth-friendly generally are not considered among the models that has appealing demand in looking.   Viper comes with exception to that. It has face of piano-black which has nice complement in combination with a border of chrome surrrrounding the edges of the phone. The backing of silver plastic gave a brushed finishing along with a look of sophistication. It gives feeling of a modest chunkier than provided by the smartphones that we have freshly evaluated with a measurement of length 4.59,breadth 2.44and thickness of 0.46 inches, however it has a weight 5 ounces which is  manageable.

Similar to a lot of smartphone displays, Viper is with slight oversaturation. It was obvious in tests of color bar that the gradients of color mixed with each other.


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