‘Plans Of Mini IPad’ By Apple

Mini IPad By AppleFrom a web portal of Chinese, it has been claimed by NetEase that Apple is developing  ‘mini iPad’ which is  going  on trade afterward in this year to struggle with tablets  based on Windows 8. A few weeks ago, following the latest reports from an article of ‘ The Korea Times’ that stated Samsung  began supplying Apple with LCD technology which is newer for mini iPads.

An unspecified official from Samsung informed that the newer mini iPad would perhaps have a screen of 7.86-inch in comparison to the recent model that has a measurement of 9.7-inches.The tablets based on Windows 8 is planned to be on the market in the later part of this year and are whispered to have a price a resembling in amount to iPad of Apple’s. Nevertheless, Kindle Fire tablet of Amazon, which is not yet released in UK, is much cheaper and thus thought as a additional threat.

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