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Samsung GT-B7722

Samsung Mobiles to soon launch a dual SIM  GT-B7722 mobile phone for all Samsung fans. According to the report it is going to be another Dual SIM handset named GT-B7722. As far as the bigger players in the mobile game go, they seem to be the only ones who delve into the Dual SIM segment, which does mean quite a bit for the Indian market.


We now review the handset, its features, specifications . The GT-B7722 is supported by both GSM (EDGE) and CDMA services in addition to 3G. The features in this handset include a 3.2-inch touchscreen with a 240 x 400 pixel resolution image resolution and a 5 megapixel camera that offers wonderful photographs. For entertainment purposes you can listen to the FM radio which has been incorporated into the device. It is also capable of audio recording. So you can store plenty of audio, images and video files in the handset. The GT-B7722 comes with a MicroSD card support which can be enhanced upto 8GB if you need to increase the storage capacity further.

Samsung has added document viewer software in addition to their Mobile Tracker app, Google Maps and TouchWiz UI widgets

Though the official date of this handset in Indian Market has not been revealed yet , it has been announced for Europe and apparently carries a rather large price tag of 420 Euro which translates to around Rs. 23,711. That’s seems really expensive but we have to look upon the brand name and features.

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11 Responses to "Samsung GT-B7722 Review, Price And Specifications"

  1. Yaron says:

    what is the price for GT-B7722 ?


  2. hey brothers, i have purchased this handset Samsung GT-B7722 in the first week of October 2010 at Rs. 11300/- with bill. very beautiful handset with all the necessary features.

  3. June says:

    Best dual sim phone, but no skype feature

  4. sanjoy.khuraijam says:

    Hi,all GT-B7722 users, I have just started using this phone. But till today, I could not check my Scrap in Orkut. Every time it shows an error SIZE TOO LARGE,COULD NOT BE DISPLAYED…Can anybody help
    e out…

  5. Peter says:

    I’ve been using this phone for 6 months and finally sent it back to Samsung for a refund. Too many problems – Samsung need to test their phones better before release – many other comments on tech sites about this phone. Main issues are switching off at random, unable to answer calls when using some other features, unreliable internet access and regular crashes. Avoid this phone.

  6. Harshad Trivedi says:

    i have purchase this phone on 11th Feb 2011. but this phone dose not have a speedy web browser Dolphin, which is very old and very slow.
    and many times some web pages dose not open because of the large size.
    if any one want to buy this phone for using internet purpose than one should not buy this phone.
    even it dose not support any third party software apart form JAR.
    it dose not have Document viewer so its not helping in office work also.

  7. saurabh mittal says:

    installed file will go in which folder….???
    i cannot find my installed file…

  8. Jozee says:

    Had the phone now for 4 days and already giving heaps of problems, switching on and off on a regular basis. Totally unreliable!!
    Not recommended and on my way to get a refund!

  9. maanav says:

    can someone help by telling me how i wl get a refund??? please

  10. Nagori says:

    Wanted to purchase but changed my mind after reading valuable feedback from users.

  11. Seshadri says:

    Hiiiii, brothers this is the worst mobile which i have purachsed in my life. For internet purpose there will be no use in it. you can not open any sights..due to showing large page.hello samsung it is better to check before releasing into market.

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