How RIM Can Save The BlackBerry Brand In Three Easy Steps

Acer Iconia Blackberry, though an iconic brand but unluckily on its recent trajectory it is becoming a vanished brand in the very near future. RIM  who has a concrete foundation, thereby it is able to recover, however RIM requires to end flinging  stuff towards  the wall to observe what gets stuck up.

Report from a Wall Street Journal affirms about RIM’s consideration of “all opportunities” for turning things towards it and secure its tumbling market share. As a substitute of chasing all possibility all together, RIM should trim down and tag on the simplest three steps to get hold of things right on track:

It’s a misuse of possessions for RIM, there are a lot of dissimilarities for providers and developers of wireless to keep steadiness, and it is perplexing for persons thinking to select a smartphone. Forgetting about interruptions like that of licensing of the BlackBerry OS or changing over to Android smartphones who under development. No one desires to license with  a fading mobile platform but RIM itself is not able to stature out how should be the  marketing of  it, and therefore RIM desires to attach to the brand which fetched  it to the stage.


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