The Most Anticipated Game of the Year — Dishonored Game Preview

There is always a certain indescribable magnetism when a game developer decides to mix elements of stealth based game a la Assassin Creed style and place them in steam punk Victorian era.  And if the talent conceiving the game happens to be the renowned team which has previously worked on block buster titles like Deus Ex and Thief Deadly Shadows then you can rest assured the result would be simply stupendous! This is the summarization of trailer which is the latest offering from Arkane Studios and to be published by Bethesda Softworks, the game is titled “Dishonored” and from the looks of things it’s going to be a real blast!


The trailer introduces us to the protagonist of the game named Corvo who is imprisoned for the crime of murdering the empress. A dark figure approaches Corvo in his cell and seemingly taunts him, the face of the figure is shrouded in shadows but his voice is heard clearly as he narrates that Corvo was once a legendary guard for the empress until the fateful day he got framed for the murder. The stranger then magically brands Corvo on the back of his hand with a mysterious glowing mark which endows him with supernatural attributes. From there on, Corvo seeks vengeance against Lord Reagent who supposedly framed him for the crime using guile, mastery of various weapons and supernatural powers at his disposal.

Game Mechanics

Dishonored is an open world game where the player has the freedom to go about discovering the fictional but picturesque continent of Pandyssian and the city of Dunwall. The emphasis of the game is stealthily dispatching the enemies using the conventional arsenal of sword, daggers and guns. In addition to these, Corvo can also freeze time and take over the body of any living creature which makes for some very interesting game play scenarios. Though the game is primarily stealth based, there’s option of taking the enemies head on and once subdued the choice of lethally neutralizing or non lethally neutralizing enemies is up to the player. The graphics (judged from the trailer) are very crisp and almost real life like enhancing the overall appeal of this already terrific looking game.


Excellent and totally immersive game playing owing to amalgamation of supernatural powers and an assortment of steam punkish arsenal, a very interesting premise, and to top it off, crisp graphics make Dishonored look like a very interesting and thoroughly engrossing title which is eagerly awaited by this author. Due for release sometime this year, Dishonored can rightly be categorized as one of the most anticipated game of the year.


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