Sergey Brin Talks About The Threats Against Internet Freedom

Sergey Brin Sergey Brin, co-founder of Google, was quite candid while talking about the ongoing process for wiping out the open internet we see today. Brin pointed his fingers at Facebook,China And the entertainment industry as the culprit.

He said that it wouldn’t be possible to build a company like Google in this current circumstances.

From the beginning, Brin was in favor for the open internet. He took an important role against China’s internet censorship policy.

He said it was beyond his imagination that it could be done what China had done with its people’s internet freedom. Later, this action was followed by a few other governments.

Brin also blamed Apple and Facebook for their “restrictive” measures to control their users. He said that Apple and Facebook’s policy was “stifling innovation” and “balkanizing” the web.

Harsh words followed as he accused the entertainment industry of trying to “control the Internet”. He said that by activating SOPA and PIPA Hollywood will shoot itself in the foot.

He also expressed fear that if such laws are put into effect, the global internet will experience similar effects like China, Iran and other countries imposing strict and unnecessary censorship.


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