Nvidia To Offer Superior Graphics On Smartphones To Match Xbox 360 By 2014

As lots of video game players have seen through titles for example Epic Games’Infinity Blade, the visual excellence of mobile title seems to be increasing rapidly.

But as said by tech company Nvidia, graphics on smartphones could be of similar quality or even outdo the Xbox 360 by 2014. Mentioning a chart given by Nvidia, the report claims by next year, visual presentation on mobile devices could go with the Xbox 360, and perhaps would overtake that standard in two years.

As CNet has mentioned the chart will be focusing on the original Xbox as well as Xbox 360.

A few mobile games have given indications of the power the platform can offer. Possibly the most prominent is the Infinity Blade series. Previous month, they revealed an amazing look at Infinity Blade: Dungeons, which is a full role-playing game running on the latest iPad at an Apple event.

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