Apple’s iPhone 5 Might Arrive With Liquidmetal Casing

Apple iPhone 5It is expected that later this year Apple will launch its iPhone 5. But already a potential rumor has grabbed the limelight saying that the new iPhone will have a case made of ‘metallic glass’, more commonly known as Liquidmetal. A Korean news agency brought this new information into light collected from ‘industry sources’.

The new Liquidmetal case will be almost 20 times tougher than the case holding iPhone 4.The Register said that metallic glass is actually a metal alloy, but with a similar structure to glass. They say that this advanced glass material is as strong as metal.

This material was created in the 1900s. But recent breakthrough in the field of ‘superspeed pulse mould technology’ suggests that it can be used to make phone cases.

Only the back case of the phone will be made from metallic glass.

It is believed that Apple has made an $11m deal with the inventors of the material, Liquidmetal Technologies Ltd.

Apple officials refused to comment on the rumor.

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