Recent Invention Might Turn X-Ray Phones Into Reality

X-Ray Phones A new imaging chip that has the ability to see through different objects like walls, wood, ceramic, plastic etc. has emerged the possibility to turn our phones into x-ray machines.

A couple of scientists working at the University of Texas are the proud inventors of this chip.

According to the inventors they used ‘Complementary Metal-Oxide Semiconductor’ also known as CMOS technology to develop the chip.

The researchers explained how the chip works. The chip taps into a vacant electromagnetic spectrum frequency. In this case the spectrum applied is the terahertz band. Then the sensors use a signal to capture images that is created by the terahertz band. This process doesn’t require a lens. This allows the device to be small in size.

This combination of CMOS technology and terahertz band will allow us to carry a fully functioning x-ray machine in our pocket. Medical purposes, counterfeit money tracking and other issues can be served easily by this technology.

There is no allusion to when this technology will go for industrial production.

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