iPhone 5 From Apple Inclusive Of Liquid Metal To Arrive In October

Apple iPhone 5First announced by IT News of Korea about the buzz mentioning that iPhone is going to be prepared from a mixture of    titanium, zirconium, copper and nickel. Beside it will contain a surface which will be smooth as like as liquid as stated by an Apple Insider.

Moreover, it has been claimed by the news source of Korean regarding the subsequent iPhone that it is going to be named as iPhone 5, which will swap glass back of it by the super robust Liquid metal.

In 2010, Apple procured Liquid metal which is considered among the amorphous metal. In March, the company namely “Liquid metal Technologies”, disclosed that its sale of the metal in exchange of $20 million to Apple.

An earlier report asserted about the subsequent iPhone that it would come out during summer however it was hindered due to the inability of Qualcomm to manufacture fast enough essential chips, as asserted by Forbes.


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