Max Payne 3 Premise Revealed


Rock Star has revealed the premise of their highly anticipated third installment of Max Payne franchise. The revelation comes via screenshots, videos and fact sheets which depict the most interesting and engrossing episode of Max Payne to date.

Max Payne 3 takes place in Brazil where Max is on a job assigned by his police academy day buddy Raul Passos. Max is now a neurotic, alcoholic and pill addicted shell of his former self and has lost all his cop instincts, combine that with his severed New York connection and you have his reason for exodus to Brazil.

The game mechanics have been tweaked and new features such as realistic shoot dodge mechanics have been incorporated which would see Max reacting really realistically when fired upon and firing on opponents himself. Rock Star has gone all out on this installment to make it as memorable as possible for their fans but the final verdict lies with the critics and the legion of fans who anxiously await its release.

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