Ivy Bridge Chips From Intel Commence With 3D Transistors

Ivy Bridge Chips Latest processors namely Ivy Bridge of Intel utilize a new technology “tri-gate transistor” to enhance power processing at the same time plummeting the required amount of energy. Intel is introducing the latest member of the processor family namely Ivy Bridge – the opening to mark what it explains as a newer technology that is known as 3D transistor.

It is said by the American firm that this improvement permits it to provide supplementary computational power at the same time allows less amount of energy.

The preliminary version consists of thirteen quad- processors, the majority of which is to be aimed towards the desktop computers. Both PC manufacturers and Intel anticipated about the release that it is going to impel a flourish of new sales.

Kirk Skaugen, who is the chief of PC business of Intel and is organizing the commencement, told that the thrust round the scheme design is really astonishing, as stated by the BBC.


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