Next Galaxy Puzzle By Samsung Gets Unfolded

Next Galaxy Samsung Phone The people at Samsung is going to reveal  something  which is  supplementary than they anticipated they would – possibly – in the later part of the  evening hours at this point prior to its gigantic “Next Galaxy” disclose in advance of its May event to be held  in London. The tablet (Galaxy Tab) and smartphone (Galaxy S III)  sectors of it are becoming prepared to go on full extent into their future with a divulge immediately some hours before  the site namely  “tgeltaayehxnx.com”, which is  obviously the anagram of The Next Galaxy  and a  obvious hint for a hint so as to reveal  in the next day in early morning. Upon additional sleuthing in the concealed directories of its site, a valiant provider to SlashGear dared to reveal some extra message previous to its gigantic drop-off!

Certainly a matter of sadness that Samsung has shown enough smartness in order not to unveil any particulars which are TOO enlightening on web so far, however what is seen is that: someone will have to recognize the way to imply to get a hold to its next step

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