Iphone 5 Release Date Is Still A Mistery

The iPhone5 release date is not yet known, although the rumors are flowing in full swing for last several months. As we every time see, people are very much eager to know the exact release date of the device besides the upcoming features that Apple will be uncover to surprise its fans like always. People are trying to know when it will be available so they can grab it first. Every new iPhone release has always been a strenuous yet very thriving one for Apple, selling handsets faster than they can deliver.

Initially the iPhone 5 was expected to be launched with the latest iOS 5 but due to some complications the release of the iphone 5 with iOS 5 turned out to be impossible to this tech giant. So now we have the iPhone 4S, which made lots of consumers to be really disappointed. Most people were expecting more from one of the world’s biggest and most technologically influential companies to date. The day the Iphone 4s was announced, Apple’s stock plummeted and for good reason. Since the iPhone 4s was not enough as per the majority of iPhone lovers.

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