First Person Shooter Game: Prey 2 Game Preview

Things don’t look good for an upcoming title if it hits snags like early or late release dates and cancellation rumor. No matter how aesthetically pleasing the graphics look and how immersive the game play sounds, incidents like these can mar the image even if the game is following in the footsteps of a hit predecessor game. Fans, who have been following Human Head Studios work, would instantly recognize the premise of this article and figure out that it’s all about the unreleased Prey 2. Prey 2 has been in development since March 2011 and since then has been facing dire threats of cancellation and delayed releases but fans can take heart in the fact that no concrete words sealing its fate have yet been received from the publishers Bethesda Softworks.


Prey 2 has a new protagonist named Marshal Killen Samuels, as evident from the name, our hero is a lawman onboard a flight which comes to an abrupt halt as it crashes onto an alien planet. The reason for the crash is explained later on in the game, but for now, let’s focus on the current events as the revelation would be a big spoiler! So, our hero crash lands on an alien planet and immediately a fight ensues with the alien occupants and unfortunately Killen gets the worst of it and is knocked unconscious.

In a Hollywood movie fashion the game then fast forwards several years and now the once proud lawman has taken on the profession of a bounty hunter and dwells on an alien world called Exodus. Oh, and the best part is he has no recollection of the events that transpired since that time he was knocked out and his transformation to a bounty hunter! Talk about a prolonged bout of amnesia! So, our hero goes off bounty hunting assuming he’s the sole human occupant of this alien world and that’s when he comes into contact with Tommy Tawodi, the original Prey protagonist. There are subtle hints that Killen and Tawodi have met in the past, but due to Killen amnesia, he has no memories of it. So, the rest of the game is all about taking down alien criminal scum and recovering bits and pieces of Killen memories along the way to unlock the puzzle of what went down seven years ago!

The major difference between Prey and Prey 2 is immediately identifiable. In the original Prey, Tawodi was being hunted and in Prey 2 Killen steps into the role of a bounty hunter. Anymore synopsis and I would give away all the elements of the game 🙂

Game Mechanics

Prey 2 is an open world first person shooter game. The game features a highly interactive environment which immediately reflects the player actions and deals out immediate consequences thereof. For example, if Killen is assigned to retrieve some valuable artifacts from a bunch of miscreants and you do recover it but decide to keep it for yourself to make a pretty penny, the consequences might involve having other bounty hunters on your trail for the recovery of that item sent by the quest giver.


From what little the trailer and official sources reveal, Prey 2 sounds like an enticing offer which has every potential to live up to and dare I say it transcend its predecessor. The release date is still being kept under wraps, but this is one title I am really looking forward to.

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