GiddyUp iPhone & Android App Makes Social Planning Easier

GiddyUp iPhone Android AppGiddyUp announced today the launch of a new mobile app designed to make social event planning easy and efficient. GiddyUp allows users to quickly create events, neatly display all the pertinent details, generate quick responses, and answers the age-old questions: “What is everybody doing tonight” and “Who else is going?”

Designed to simplify the process of planning impromptu happy hours, group dinners and any type of night out, GiddyUp operates on both Apple iOS & Android platforms and is available now in the App Store and Google Play. Unlike other social apps, GiddyUp eliminates traditional barriers of event planning by enabling any mobile phone with Internet and SMS capabilities to participate in group planning, no sign-up required.

“The tools we currently use to get a few friends together for happy hour leave a lot to be desired,” said Elliot Goldwater, co-founder and CEO of GiddyUp. “Email chains and text messages become chaotic, leaving crucial details to get lost in the shuffle. We wanted to fill a void that’s left by plan sharing tools like Forecast that are far too public and awkward, and others like Facebook and Evite that aren’t conducive to short-term planning.”

How Does GiddyUp Work?
GiddyUp facilitates get-togethers of all types and sizes, with contacts in your phone. Users simply create an event; invite friends, chat and RSVP. Users are alerted via push notifications or SMS, drastically reducing wait time typically associated with email, Facebook, Evite and other platforms of that nature. All participants find out who’s “In” and who’s “Out” in minutes.

• Create a GiddyUp, title it and add friends. These are the only mandatory fields, so if you don’t have concrete plans, start the discussion and solicit the group for input.
• Add a location, date & time, notes and even a picture for more specific plans.
• GiddyUp users are alerted via push notification to generate a quick response.
• Non-GiddyUp users are sent an SMS with a link that opens in their mobile browser.
• All invitees – regardless if they have the app – can view event details, other invitees and their status.

GiddyUp offers a built-in group chat, helpful for communal planning situations, staying in touch or just friendly banter. Event details can be added or changed at any time with updates sent to users accordingly. Events initiated or accepted can also sync with your calendar.

“It’s important to note that GiddyUp is not another social network—we think you have plenty of those,” said Co-Founder John Zurbach. “You don’t need to create a profile or even add friends. GiddyUp is based around your contacts list, which we feel is your truest social network, those individuals you reach out to on a whim if you want to hit the town.”

GiddyUp places a great deal of emphasis on privacy and provides users with complete autonomy when it comes to sharing information. When creating an event, users are given the ability to make the event public or private. Private events can be seen only by those invited, whereas a public event allows invitees to add users and broadcast their plans on Facebook and Twitter. Invitee’s names are still kept private. Furthermore, while GiddyUp is based around your contacts list, the information always stays local to your phone and isn’t stored by a third-party source.

“The bottom line is that getting together with your friends or family can be a hassle,” added Goldwater. “Next time you’re trying to make plans, instead of sending out an email or Facebook event, bound to get lost in the shuffle, send a GiddyUp, and watch how much easier things are to coordinate.”

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