Apple Soon To Bring iWork Suite For iPhone 4

iWork suitThe most recently leaked images of the iWork suite on iPhone 4 have taken the market by storm.

Well there was an iPhone 4 picture which has surprised all Apple lovers.

It has become the hottest buzz,  whether iWork suite will be available to iPhone 4 or not.

The leaked images shows three buttons that indicate of the possible work in progress.

A closer look of the image reveals that there is a second button which comes in the form of “Open in Keynote” which strongly suggests that the iWork suite may be available with iOS 4.

However this news is still in its ‘guessing’ phase and media experts are not sure yet. But what we know is that Microsoft has currently integrated its Office platform with Windows Phone 7 so Apple might come up with similar plans as well, claim industry experts.

Hence we can only wait for further details till 21st June, 2010.

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