Galaxy Nexus Available At Google Play Store: Price $399

Galaxy Nexus Available At Google Play storeGoogle has started selling the Galaxy Nexus smartphone through a web store inside Google Play. So fans are looking forward, to see whether Nexus tablet also joins the trail to be sold at Google’s web store.

In January 2010 during the launch of the Nexus One, it was part of Google’s big plan to promote hardware through its own web store.

Though this was general practice in Europe, but in the USA, smartphones are usually purchased with an extensive and costly contract direct through a network carrier. While the Nexus One was also available at an economical price, Google in fact pushed the unlocked version.

It was quite apparent that Google’s plan didn’t work out. May be due to the overprice of $529 for the unlocked version, or mat be due to the hassle of finding ones own network and tariff or because of poor sales the sale of Nexus One didn’t go up at all. Currently the phone is only sold unlocked, and it is priced at only $399 offering a $10-worth of Google Wallet credit with the transaction.

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