Facebook And Yahoo Hitting Each OtherBelow The Belt On Patent War

Yahoo is raising the conflict and the stakes in its more and more discordant patent war with Facebook.

This Search Giant has filed a lawsuit in San Francisco federal court on Friday against Facebook. In the lawsuit the company has added two new charges of intellectual property theft. It is now claiming that Facebook has infringed on 12, instead of 10, of Yahoo’s patents.

“Today’s filing underscores the breadth of Facebook’s violation of Yahoo’s intellectual property,” a Yahoo spokesman affirmed in an emailed statement.

While in lat month Yahoo filed this suit against Facebook it raised eyebrows in Silicon Valley, where companies frequently use patents to protect themselves, but not to aim for each other in order to avoid stifling innovation. Facebook later countersued Yahoo, claiming that this internet search company was infringing on its patents.

But Yahoo outright denied these claims on Friday and again indicted Facebook of undertaking in unfair policies.

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