The Action Adventure Series — Ninja Gaiden 3 Game Review

Ninja Gaiden 3 is the third installment in the action adventure series developed by team ninja and published by Tecmo. In Ninja Gaiden 3, players once again assume the role of ninja Ryu hayabusa.

Game Plot

The game starts off as a group of terrorists attacks London and takes the prime minister hostage and Ryu is asked to rescue him. After facing off against many soldiers and a mini boss, Ryu comes face to face with the leader of the terrorists calling himself Regent of the mask. After a long battle regent curses Ryu which fuses his legendary dragon sword with his right arm forcing Ryu to experience the pain and anger of the countless enemies he has slain over the years.

Game Mechanics

The previous games in the series were known for their brutal difficulty but with Ninja Gaiden 3 Team ninja decided to make the game easier in order to reach broader audience. The game also introduces several new game mechanics such as Steel on bone a cinematic sequence which enables the players to get a close up look at Ryu cutting through the bodies of his foes. Another addition to the game play is the kunai climb which allows the player to climb walls with the help of his kunai. The game also features some stealth elements allowing Ryu to sneak up on his enemy from behind and kill him with a single stab

The combat in NG3 is fast and flashy with highly responsive controls but it lacks the depth and variety when compared to the earlier games in the series, whereas in both NG1 and NG2, players were given a choice between many upgradeable weapons. This time around, you are stuck with a single non upgradeable sword.  The choice of ninpo is also limited to 1 ninpo unlike 3 to 4 that were available in the past games making the combat dull and repetitive. The camera is also problematic, as it has always been in Ninja Gaiden games.

On the plus side, the game features Co-Op mode which makes the experience a bit more enjoyable. Visually, the game is nothing special; the character animation is great, but overall the textures look a bit low res. Multiplayer also feels tacked-on with limited character customization, it leaves much to be desired.


Overall, the game suffers from some terrible design decisions. If you are new to the series, NG3 can be a fun albeit a mindless hack and slash game but if you have ever played a Ninja Gaiden game before, you will be very disappointed with this shallow and overly simplified addition to the series.

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