Nintendo 3DS To Dominate E3 Expo

As annual E3 Expo kicks off in Los Angeles this week, Nintendo 3DS is expected to dominate the 4 day show. A lot of things about 3D gaming and motion controls are expected to hit the E3 Expo as gamers, game developers and journalists are drawn in thousands.
Nintendo 3DS E3 ExpoRumors of Nintendo 3DS:
Nintendo 3DS is not only expected to feature a 3D display, but a built-in 3D camera which is highly anticipated. A small analog stick is also predicted by a Chinese blogger, a top screen which is about twice as wide as the bottom screen.
Nintendo will have attend a press conference in E3 Expo on June 15. The rumors will then be off.

News from Nintendo Competitors:
At E3, big players like Sony is expected to feature PlayStation Move, a remote like wireless controller. On the other hand, Microsoft is expected to take on Project Natal, a X-Box peripheral. This peripheral is expected to track gamers movement with hi-tech cameras and produce the same on screen.

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One Response to "Nintendo 3DS To Dominate E3 Expo"

  1. Ferne Uber says:

    I’ve become religious about 3D. In 2004 I used stereoscopic shutter glasses with Far Cry and realised then that it was the future. Now Nintendo will push the 3DS without glasses … that alone is a massive advancement over the cinema tech. Glasses-free TV’s are being developed … expensive – yes. 3D is definitely one of the fastest moving industries right now. Some people have argued it is a fad or a temp blip that will work itself out … however when you look at what it was and what it is becoming … a 3D tablet got announced today … it’s a never-ending push. And I’m going to enjoy the ride. One of my friends couldn’t perceive the 3D as well as myself and the other friend so it turns out that there will be people who’s eyes won’t allow them the full effect ..

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