Microsoft Agreement Permits B&N To Set Out Toe-To-Toe With Apple And Amazon

Microsoft Agreement Permits B&N Investment of $300 million of Microsoft not only proffers a big currency blend to stressed Barnes & Noble however also launches a message to customers that it is here to settle.

On a discussion call in the present day declaring a new affiliation with Microsoft, William Lynch CEO of Barnes & Noble told the latest $139 niche Simple Touch of the company along with Glow Light is at present trade but will be in reserve soon.

In the previous some years Barnes & Noble has formed some gigantic inroads into market of e-book, wounding in huge lead Amazon. The situation is that, Amazon till now has capture upon around 60 percent capture among e-book pie, where the Barnes & Noble has about 25 percent, and the rest like 15 percent is owned by Apple with slighter players such as the Kobo and Sony are left to struggle over the morsel.

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