Apple iPhone 4G Now Available At Walmart

Apple iPhone4G at WalmartWith the rising demand for latest iPhone 4G, Apple has decided to make this brilliant handset available in more areas. Recently Walmart, the largest retail store in America, has got the authorization by Apple Inc to sell iPhone 4G to the US customers.  After authorizing Radio Shack, Best Buy, and AT&T stores to carry the iPhone 4 now it is the turn of Walmart who will be carrying the trendy Apple Smartphone on June 24, the most awaited official iPhone 4 launch day.

This is significant for a couple of reasons.  The more options customers have in terms of places to purchase the iPhone, the better for Apple.  It also shows Apple reaching out to electronic retail stores and allowing more to sell their products on launch day.  Not every town has an Apple store or AT&T retailer store nearby, but I’m sure most towns have at least one of the aforementioned retailers nearby.  Of course, no word on how many units Walmart will be stocking on launch day, so I would try to get to Walmart early if you do not want to pre-order the iPhone.  Just try not to get stampeded by an iPhone-hungry crowd at Walmart.


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