New Xbox Kinect Launched In US Offers Advanced Gaming Experience

Microsoft Kinect For Xbox 360Microsoft has officially launched its latest controller-free, motion sensor system Kinect for Xbox 360 in Los Angeles.

The device – formerly codenamed Project Natal – was revealed in advance at this week’s E3 games expo, which happens to be the world’s largest gaming trade show.

Kinect brings laser motion with the voice sensors into a box on top of your TV. Gamers are now able to control the on-screen action by moving their entire body rather than only thumping the buttons on a game pad.

After this outstanding technological advancement in gaming industry Microsoft, the American computing giant is hoping its more intuitive control method will magnetize a wider audience to gaming, as Nintendo did with its popular Wii console.

Microsoft Kinect For Xbox 360Kinect for Xbox 360 can be used to control games, TV services (including Sky), or even for video chat with MSN users across the world. However, unlike the Nintendo Wii and Sony’s upcoming Move device, voice recognition and hand gestures do away with the need for a physical remote control device.

Kinect was given a sneak reveal at a celebrity-packed party hosted by Cirque du Soleil. Video game fan and TV presenter Jack Osbourne and Girls Aloud’s Nadine Coyle attended.

Coyle said: “I support the Northern Ireland’s Children’s Hospice and Xbox are awarding them consoles for the kids. And I think it’s just fantastic that they can move around and they don’t have to fiddle with buttons, and it’s just a brand new piece of technology that I’m really excited to see.”


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