Pre Order iPhone 4 From Apple Store

Apple iPhone 4 fans can now pre order iPhone 4 from Apple Store. The time when you can pre order iPhone 4 is expected to be around 9am ET, 6 am PT. At present, Apple Store is down, of course with heavy traffic the server is bound to crash. The Pre Order has not started yet.
[Update]:Apple Store is now up and running accepting iPhone 4 Pre Orders!
Pre Order iPhone 4 From Apple Store
Earlier Apple reported that their iPhone 4 can be pre ordered from Apple Store on June 15. According to a leaked report, the Apple iPhone 4 is available only in black color for pre orders. Apple has clarified that the White version will be released later this summer.

Apple has not revealed the exact pre order time for iPhone 4 possibly for two reasons. One might be the Server problems and the other for AT&T Systems to get prepared for pre orders. Its known that AT&T is the only operator licensed for Apple iPhone 4. There are certain other retail outlets which also accept pre orders for iPhone 4. Some of them include Radio Shack and Best Buy.

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2 Responses to "Pre Order iPhone 4 From Apple Store"

  1. Michael says:

    Now, don’t you wish you had waited only a couple more minutes, before publishing your article? The Apple online store reopened at 1:00am PDT. I’ve got mine preordered, do you?

  2. Praveen says:

    We have updated about the Pre Order now! Hope everyone avails an Apple iPhone 4!

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