Tom Clancy’s Ghost Recon Future Soldier Military Shooter Done Right

Ghost Recon Future Soldier is a bit of a departure from the previous games in the series. While preceding games emphasized tactics, Ghost Recon Future Soldier is more action oriented.

Game mechanics:

While Ubisoft has put more focus on action this time around, Future Soldier is still a strategic shooter at its core. Unlike other military shooters, you cannot run and gun your way through the game. Stealth and team work play a major role as only few bullets from enemies can mean game over. The cover system is perhaps the best seen in this type of game! Moving from cover to cover is fast, fluid and unique, plus, the animation is top notch. Shooting mechanics in Future Soldier are perfect as all the weapons are exceptionally well designed and are great fun to use. One of the new additions to Future Soldier is the gunsmith feature which allows the players to customize their weapons by experimenting with various attachments such as magazines, trigger, gas systems etc.

The best addition to the gameplay has to be the sync shot. While hidden players have the option to mark up to 4 targets the AI will automatically move into position and upon your command will take the target out.


As its name implies, Ghost Recon Future Soldier takes place in near future. The story kicks off as a ghost team is taken out by a bomb and another team of ghosts is assigned to investigate the source of the bomb. The campaign will have players visit many locations such as Pakistan, Nigeria, Russia and Norway. Though the story is fairly generic, but the gameplay makes up for it in surplus.


Graphically, Future Soldier is impressive; the environments look gorgeous and the animation is superbly done. But, when it comes to cut scenes things, it doesn’t look good. The character models look ugly and the faces look bizarre. Nevertheless, when it comes to gameplay, Future Soldier is one of the best looking military shooters around.


Even though the story in the campaign is lackluster, the gameplay in Future Soldier is exceptional. The gunplay is perfect and the stealth system is well implemented. Ghost Recon Future Soldier is a must have for fans of third person military shooters.


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