Google Triumphs Over Oracle Corp.

Google Triumphs Over Oracle Corp.The Oracle Corp. has been claiming that Google has infringed its copyright by replicating and using elements of their Java programming language while Google was developing Android software. Today a federal judge has ruled out this claim saying that Google was free use Oracle’s Java.

In 2010 oracle Corp. sued Google claiming that the search engine provider has been using java interfaces to build Android & they have infringed copyright as they chose to keep this matter out of Oracle’s Knowledge. The US district judge in San Francisco William Alsup said that Google did not violate any copyright as it is being undisputedly proved that their implementations are quite different. However the jury found that Google might have infringed nine lines of the code for which Oracle may claim about $150,000. In spite of that a company spokesman of Oracle said that they will be looking for an appeal over this ruling because they feel that if this rule is to stand this way it will become more difficult to protect intellectual property from invading companies.

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