Apple iPhone 4 Available For Pre Order in Apple Store

Its official now! Apple iPhone 4 can now be pre ordered from Apple Store right away. There had been speculations about the pre order time of Apple iPhone 4. But now, anyone can pre order online, the black version of the latest iPhone.
Apple iPhone 4 Pre Order Started
Coming to the limitations part, you are allowed to order only one Apple iPhone 4 per credit card. It is also required that you activate your iPhone 4 from the available AT&T rate plan.

With regard to the prices, you will be paying $199 for the base iPhone 4 with 16GB of storage capacity. On the other hand, you will be paying $299 for iPhone 4 with 32GB storage. By pre ordering today, you are guaranteed of an Apple iPhone 4 on launch day shipped directly to your home. There is also some good news for some who bought their iPhone 3GS very recently. They can now upgrade their phone to iPhone 4 with partial refund. There isn’t a specific time frame given by Apple on how long the pre order would last. But if you want one, go get one!

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