Sneak Peak At The ‘Amazing Spider-Man’

Amazing Spider-ManGood news for Spider man fans. The Activation has decided to release a new game based on Spider-man. The name of the game “The Amazing Spider-Man” resembles with the Hollywood movie that is created by Marc webb. It is expected that the game will be released on 26th of this month. Although the name is similar to the movie but the story of this game has started days after where the movie left. All the familiar villain of spider man series will be present here including Doc Ock, Iguana and even Rhino.

This game can be very interesting for those people who love classic Marvel franchise. In this game you are allowed to roam New York City freely by using spider man’s web. You can show off great acrobatics around the city of New York. Of course this game is not about roaming freely, there are many intriguing missions to accomplice for the gamer. The chief of Beenox Dominique Brown referred to lucha libre i.e. Mexican wrestling to give an idea about the crazy moves that the spider man can make.

The new edition in this game is the ability of web rush. This was shown in the spider man movie that was released in 2002. There Peter parker was capable to slow down the time so that he could move away from sudden punches. This Tobey Maguire power will give similar experience of prince of Persia (last Part). If you are wondering about the weapon choice of spider man then you should know that his web shooters are mechanical like and they can be upgraded as the game progresses.

Another interesting feature that is offered is that you can play as for marvel president Stan Lee. This character will have the same power as the main character except that we will be moving with webs on a 89 year old body.

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