Only A Few surprises In This Year’s E3

E3 2012Electronic Entertainment Expo is one of a kind event for which passionate game lovers waits for about a year. Every year sweaty passionate gamers gathers in front of flashy press conferences in the hope of something new. But this year’s E3 is appearing a bit of dull. If one takes look at the crowd in front of a demonstration or preview he would not see many wide eyes, dropped jaws or gasps. Of course there is some “yay” and woo-hoo’s here and there but the buzz is not the same as one would expect it to be.

E3 is happening in Los Angeles for the past seventeen years. The event is scheduled to continue till Thursday and already they are saying that this year is not the shiniest one that they ever had. Here are some of the so called “buzzing” products that has been announced till this moment.

Ahead of this year’s E3 there was a rumor that Microsoft will be releasing some sort of smart glass that is compatible with tablets and smart phones. Although the rumor became true the actual device is not something one dreamed of. This is neither a glass nor a device it’s just an app that can turn your touch screen device into an Xbox game controller. The name smar glass came as the application works with the touch screen. However to run this app you would have to have a windows 8 enabled device.

Sony entertainment could not entertain the E3 crowd with their “Beyond: Two Souls.” Their opening press conference was not something the corp. promised to offer. The game they released is a latest endeavor of narrative sort. How a narrative type game could meet the thirst of sweaty passionate game lovers. Anyway the event is not finished yet so hopefully something better would come along.


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  1. O says:

    As i mentioned in the other post, you journalist seem VERY biased against Sony or for Microsoft. It’s VERY apparant now that I’ve read your reaction to Beyond: Two Souls. I’m glad SOME people are intrigued and very excited for it. Hopefully that will keep the innovations going for Sony. If more people would be open to emotional and well thought of gaming concepts such as David Cage, the industry would benefit a whole lot. Yes, there’s a time for heavily-action oriented games. But it would be great if the majority of gamers were more opened minded to more creative games.

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