Demo Of Mech Hawken At E3, 2012

Mech Hawken At E3, 2012Somehow it became certain that Hawken would not exist. If everything were on course this mech combat game should have released months ago. But that could not happen as the independent developers who were creating this game ran out of money and risk-averse game publishers denied to fund this fantastic PC game. So the gamers had no way but to find another way of funding. But nobody publishes mech games these days not since the famous Mechwarrior game. However those dark days did not last too long as they found Meteor Entertainment. They are a well known free to play game publisher. They chose to make sign up Hawken as their inaugural game. So somehow the Hawken exists. The game is finally released in E3 2012. So let us find out how this game works.

This is a multiplayer game. At the beginning of the match you will be asked to take mech chassis, load out and other utility item. The demo version for E3 preview only allowed to choose light and heavy chassis and only two load out a piece, but more will be available when the game will enter into the beta version in this December. The Hawken mechs cannot be compared with mech warriors, it feels like a compromise. Hawken mechs are slow and ponderous so it is nothing like walking tanks of Mech warrior.

However there are some jump jets that will let you fly in the air for several moments. There is another hinder for the devoted mech warrior lover. In this game you will not be allowed to swivel your mechs upper part from the lower part of the body. You would have unlimited ammo in this game but when they are fired they produce excessive heat. So you have fire considering the fact that the gun may over heat and the mech may shut down temporarily.

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