Konami Shows Off “Metal Gear Rising: Revengence’ In This Years E3

Metal Gear Rising: RevengeanceKonami has shown off platinum Game’s Metal Gear Rising: The Revengence in this year’s Electronic Entertainment Expo. But getting a peek at this action packed title was not easy as the game was shown behind the close doors. So, those who could not have a look at the game should know that the game is totally action oriented as the name suggests. However some people are saying that there is a big margin of difference from what the name Metal Gear Solid has suggested. But even those critics would not dare to say that the game will not succeed. Surely the preview will left the gamers wanting more.

Since the game is action oriented so it is fair that you compare it only with other action game and in that case this game will surely pass the standard of other games in the genre but if you place it on the list of other Metal Gear Solid games it may look unfit there. It will give you the feeling of Resident Evil 6. But with the addition of some epic moments the game will stand for itself. It is stated previously that this version has not tried to look like a Metal Gear Solid but looked to become one of kind. But what people are being skeptical about is that it does not become some similar to Ninja Gaiden 3.

The trailer showed that the gamer is given a lot of control over the slice of the sword. In the tutorial the demo showed the deadly path of the blade. If you hold the left trigger, time will slow down and the camera will zoom in to give you perfect view of the slice. This is quite similar to Fight Night. You can split the enemy in half or any number of pieces of flesh and meat.

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