Sony Unveils Wonderbook

Sony Wonderbook Although Sony’s Opening press conference was no that bold that one would have expected but out of nowhere they suddenly announced the Wonderbook leaving the critics dumb faced. In this year’s Electronic Entertainment Expo the CEO of Sony Computer Entertainment Andrew House talked about their Wonderbook. For those who are not familiar with the idea of wonderbook, it is suffice to say that wonderbook is a tablet like slate that will act as a green screen with regular Play Station Eye. This device is aimed to make a real environment around you when you will be shooting or slicing off your enemy. The product is aimed for the children.

However the idea of wonderbook is not amazing as Mr. House would like everyone to think. Mr House claimed that AR coupled with video games is a revolutionary innovation. But a store (DSiware) once sold some games that used to create a shooter around the gamers environment. Some of 3DS package comes along with AR integration. A couple of years ago SCE London released Eyepet that resembles with this device. In fact Nintendo is looking to add some similar AR integration with their tablet games. So it is nothing like no one ever could think of this although House’s press conference suggested otherwise. In his lecture Andrew House described how they worked with Moonbot with this project ( Moonbot is award winning animation creator that made an apple app. House also mentioned the name J.K Rowling. Now this name carries a lot of weight in children’s literature. He said that currently they working with Rowling on Book of Spells.

The presentation began at the end part. In the presentation user waved hand with a slate device on the lap and synchronously a wand moved within the particular pattern to create some fire work on the screen.

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