Watchdogs Ubisoft’s Latest Masterpiece

During their press conference at E3, Ubisoft presented an impressive lineup of games such as Assassins Creed 3, Splinter Cell Black list and a few WiiU titles. The biggest surprise and show stealer had to be Watchdogs, a brand new Intellectual property developed by Ubisoft Montreal.

Watchdogs is a stunning looking open world game which is set in near future where everything from street lights to transportation system is being controlled by computers. Players will take on the role of Aiden Pearce an antihero with the ability to hack into any system.  This concept is fairly unique as it puts the entire city under your control. In the demo that was shown, Aiden Pearce was able to hack in to cell phone networks to listen to what others were talking about and shutdown traffic lights to create mayhem by causing multi car pileup. The game also features Gears of Wars style cover based shooting and being an open world game, it also shares similarities to GTA, where you have access to nearly every vehicle in the city which makes traveling around that much more easier.

“Watch Dogs goes beyond the limits of today’s open-world games by giving players the ability to control an entire city,” says Jonathan Morin, creative director at Ubisoft Inc.

Graphically, Watchdogs looks incredible; to say the least, Ubisoft demoed the game on a high end PC and the first thoughts were that it will be a next gen title. However, Ubisoft has confirmed that the game will be released on Xbox 360 and PS3 alongside PC while no specific release date has been announced.

From the looks of the game and the reaction of the audience, it is apparent that Watchdogs is perhaps the best game in this year’s Electronic Entertainment Expo. Ubisoft has clearly outdid itself this time.

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One Response to "Watchdogs Ubisoft’s Latest Masterpiece"

  1. O says:

    Are people forgetting about Sony’s showing? Playstation Battle Royale, Beyond: Two SOuls and THe Last of Us. Watch Dogs is incredible. But a lot of the web-sites i”m visiting seem very biased. It seems that the general consensus is that this year’s E3 showing was poor with the exception of Watch Dogs. I think since Microsoft’s showing was not that great, and Nintendo’s was pretty lackluster, everyone is saying that the Expo was a bore. I’m trying to figure out why do people hate the Playstation brand so much and why the other’s that don’t hate it, neglect it in news. After seeing footage of the Last Of Us and Beyond: Two Souls. I was sure that these new IPs would receive early accolades. I guess not.
    But to reiterate./ Watch Dogs does look promising and Intriguing but please don’t forget the other gems.

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