A Different ‘Tomb Raider’ Appears At E3-2012

Tomb Raider 2013On 5th March, 2013 the world will have a New Tomb Raider Game. The Story is not of a bubbly but yet confident and positive treasure hunter Lara Croft who will bounce from Platforms to Platforms and solve puzzles. This Tomb Raider is a scared, fragile young person who has no experience about the cruel world and yet has to fight to stay alive. A preview of the game at this year’s C revealed this unknown Lara Croft. The first scene of the preview shows a tired, cold and starving Lara croft sitting on an unknown field. She sets up a fire and starts to explore the area. Suddenly she sees a dead body, scared Lara takes the bow and arrow from the dead person and goes for hunting. By the cost of few arrows Lara brings down a deer. The deer slowed down but its not dead yet. Lara pauses for a moment and says sorry as this is her first kill. She finishes the thing lying on the ground by putting an arrow on its chest.

The developer at the Crystal Dynamics studied many real life survival stories before starting to write this Tomb Raider. The characterized Lara as a young college student who went to an embark for her first expedition but unfortunately derived herself into a trap on a mysterious island.

The ship is crash land on this unknown island and she has no way to look back but to fight for her life. The camps are more like hubs where Lara can increase her ability. The ability increases with each task she performs. An increased ability will let her to find enemies in dark jungle or to take arrows form dead.
The game can be played on your Play Station 3 or xbox 360.

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