Ubisoft To Release ‘Watch Dogs’ At E3-2012

'Watch DogsThe famous game publisher Ubisoft has unleashed ‘Watch dogs’ in this year’s Electronic Entertainment Expo. This game might change the view how open world games are to be played. It all started as a trailer but stunned everyone by its scary technological development over the last few years; this all is blossomed into Watch Dogs. It can be told from the E3 announcement trailer that the entire city can be hooked up into a central computer system that can run everything in the city starting from traffic lights to electricity grids and subway lines.

The interesting part is it is capable of tracing personal data and then if it can be hacked then all about the life of that victim can be viewed. In Watch Dogs the gamer will be playing as anti hero character. He is a criminal master mind who can unlock any control grid. He is not only good with his computer but also quite handy with the gun. He has to fight both with brain and brawn in order to complete all the objectives and to control the city.

As seen from the demo, by hacking into the city control grid you can have the power to control anything that is happening around the city. For example, you can jam the communication lines so that you can create chaos and as a result sneak into any club where you had to go into to complete your mission. Or you can break down the traffic control system to create traffic jam so that your target gets trapped and you can easily catch him.

You can gain useful information by hacking into surveillance cameras and phones. By hacking into anyone’s private life you can view all about his personal life. You can know where he works, how his monthly income is and even whether he is HIV positive or not. Quite interesting is not it!!

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