Halo 4 Hands-On At E3 2012

Halo 4 The 343 industries have taken an ambitious task ahead of the release of the new edition of halo game. Besides releasing the one of the most waited game Halo4 they have promised to unleash five new levels every week starting from the release of the game. You got to appreciate their ambition. To release five playable co op missions every week is not a simple challenge, rather it itself is a mission impossible. There is more news for the Xbox Live Gold subscribers to be stunned about; all these new levels will be released completely free for them. People who take part at the demo multiplayer game have praised 343 fir their effort and said that if they can provide missions of these intensity every week it will be best auctioned packed game one could ever imagined. But they have to release them on schedule because breaking a promise is not one wants to see.

There are various multiplayer modes and all of them are designed with the context of the war game. You run freely on the UNSC ship and exercise. The Spartan ops mode will provide added bonuses of getting into some moments on halo world. It is said that Spartan ops is scheduled to be released one episode each week and each of those episode will have five levels. The demo version was played on alien planet and the mission was to protect an archeological project.

The whole story was not shown in order to create suspense. But don’t think that Spartan ops are the only story. In the Regicide mode all the multi players race in order to take the lead in a death match. Another variation in this game is the infinity slayer which was not available in the previous versions. Hopefully the game will please you.

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