‘Meaningful surprise’ Is The New Game From Nintendo, Says Iwata

 Meaningful surpriseIf you are a passionate game lover then you already know about the Mario Bros. game but who is Satoru Iwata. Satoru Iwata is the chief Executive of Nintendo. Well, he is the man who Nintendo some hope at this year’s Electronic Entertainment Expo. As chief of the company it was his duty to that Mario Rescues Peach and Dream Land gets saved by Kirby. His press conference at this event surely did not enough to stop the downfall of the company. Some may still question the Nintendo’s future but at least their press conference did not crash like Sony Entertainment. Satoru Iwata has been with this company for the last ten years and he has gone through a lot in this long time. He has seen the company to take a peak during 2009 and soon after then he saw it to slide away.

Nintendo is now trying to make a move in the upward direction and for that they are relying on Mario, Zombies and other visual Theme park games. Hopefully these games will creat enough buzz for Wii U. the Giant Japanese Company has released twenty three games for their new console featuring a touch screen controller. They have announced two major games, the new Super Mario Bros. U and NintendoLand. These are co operative platform games. Nintendo land is a virtual theme park based game. They have also demons trated some other games including a first person zombies game Zombiu and the sequel of the strategy game Pikmin3. Ubisoft entertainment is related to both these games. Nintedo went ahead of their rival Microsoft and Sony Entertainment by revealing releasing a video stream. The video shows that Nintendo is about to release a touch screen that will be named Wii U game pad. They have really surprised the world with this video.

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