Five Lessons From E3 2012

E3 2012People who have been following E3 expo for years say that this is an odd year. They claim that the event used to be larger, more cheerful and vibrant. Some are asking questions of the whether some of the announcements made in this event are relevant with the goal of the event.

They are saying that hardware giants were too scared to take part and software companies could not fill up the gap. It is important that the problems behind these short coming is found out and lesson is taken for a better next year. Lets find out what went wrong.

Mobile and iOS game should have been more involved at the show floor than they are right now. There are many companies in the world that are currently making mobile games. Besides there are many companies who make accessories like controllers for better gaming experience. So why hide them. E3 is a dedicated show for gaming, so it can be a perfect platform for promotion of mobile gaming. Companies like EA mobile were hiding at the hotel for some reason instead of getting out and making the event vibrant.

Microsoft, Sony Entertainment and Nintendo all are fighting to their strengths for the first time. But the battle was not condense enough to create a major buzz because Microsoft is looped in windows 8 and Sony is just straying away. Among them Sony had the most unexpected type of press conference. If the event is to be successful all these companies have to look for surprises. Somehow Nintendo’s CEO Iwata accepted this truth and that’s why their NintedoLand with Wii U controller may do the trick. However the companies are not only the reason behind such dull event, even the employees and general attendees could not find the spirit. There was a lot of frustration in many demonstrations.

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