Metro Last Light E3 Preview

With the plethora of First Person Shooters prevailing in the market nowadays, THQ and 4a game’s venture Metro Last Light stands out as a rather unique take on this overused genre. The game features elements such as scavenging, exploration along with the usual fighting.

Last time THQ showcased its gritty post apocalyptic shooter, as they decided to show off the action aspect of the game, but this time around, we got to see the survival horror side of the things. In Metro Last Light, players have to work awfully hard in order to stay alive as the resources are hard to come by. Be it ammo, health kits or gas mask filters which help you in breathing! Everything is in short supply so the players will have to explore the environments or loot from dead bodies to survive this hostile and unforgiving world.

The demo shown takes place in the tunnels of Moscow now home to the survivors of nuclear attack and it’s an intimidating place to be. Mutants roam freely in these tunnels and can attack or ambush the players from the shadows and since the ammo is in short supply, it’s a really terrifying aspect to come face to face with one of their hordes.

Metro Last Light is an atmospheric game and the environments play a huge part in making it a frightening experience. Metro Last Light is a stunner of a game. The brief glimpse we saw of the city of Moscow which was caught in terrible storm was a sight to behold and gives us an idea of how good engine is used in the game. Unlike other First Person Shooters, Last Light offers perfect balance between exploration, gunplay and stealth, with the most gorgeous visuals ever seen in a video game.

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