A Major Security Breach At LinkedIn

LinkedIn Password BreachThe social netwrking site for business professionals LinkedIn has been under a lot of critisism for the past few days for their inedequate security system.
The mebers became concern after the news of a major hack into Linkdin’s system broke out. This Saturday LinkedIn Corp. said that they have succesfully disabled all affected accounts of the system.

They also said that they don’t think other members are at risk. This break-in into LinkedIn’s system is said to be major one and it have cost them about one hundred and sixty million users. Now question is raised whether or not they have enough securityguard to protect their user’s privacy. Experts are saying that there is a posibility of lossing more data in the mean time the company authority looks into their system for a loop hole.

In a blog one LinkedIn spokesman wrote that only the affected passwords are blocked, if your password is not disabled then you are not at risk of breach.

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