Virgin Mobile iPhone: No Contract, Prepaid Service Launch On June 29

Virgin Mobile iPhone SprintVirgin Mobile has rested all speculations and rumors by announcing that it will launch an iPhone model with No Contract, starting from June 29. Virgin Mobile’s prepaid subsidy Sprint will have iPhone models iPhone 4 and iPhone 4S. The 8 GB iPhone 4 model will cost $549 while the 16 GB iPhone 4S model will cost $649, with a prepaid service. So there’s a monthly plan of $30 by which you save around $700 over the period of two years.

Here are the plans:

$30/month – You get unlimited data(reduced speed after 2.5 GB), Unlimited Texting, 300 Minutes Voice
$40/month – You get unlimited data(reduced speed after 2.5 GB), Unlimited texting, 1200 Minutes Voice
$50/month – All three Unlimited 🙂

The Wi-Fi hotspot feature will cost an additional $15 per month.

At the end of the day, the Upfront price is the one that matters for the consumers. You were paying $199 for the iPhone 4S and $99 for the iPhone 4. But the data plans were made up for the low cost. But this time around, with reduced data costs, the hardware price is made higher. You will have to choose between iPhone 4S and iPhone 4 with the difference of $100 on stake. Yes, it does matter for the retail consumers.

So does this plan or method work for people. Well, paying upfront is actually better and in the end you end up saving over $700 over the period of two years. Worth a try! This will allow consumers to pay less for their monthly bills. Helpful for poor credit customers in a way.

Despite Virgin Mobile’s lack of 4G or free GPS Navigation services, iPhone doesn’t have 4G compatibility itself. So it works like any other carrier. Time will tell, whether its a good buy or not :). Now wait! WWDC 2012 is on the way. iPhone 5 possibly? Lets wait!

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