Apple TV To Feature Motion Detection Technology, New Touchscreen Remote

Apple TV A new report claimed that the television that is said to be introduced by apple is able to detect minute and quick motions along with a remote with a touch screen that is muck like the iPad which have a plastic body and are less expensive.

Analyst named brain white was the person who claimed that news when he visited Computex trade show held in Taipei, Taiwan. When he was there, his hidden resources told him that such a television set is going to be introduced by the Apple Company at the expense of a year.

“An advanced technology of motion detection” is what that is expected in that television set which will be the main controlling system of the device as told by the analyst. He also told the investors that another unique feature introduced will be the touch features remote control with excellent characteristics.

He also told that the remote control will resemble the IPad expect that the aluminum body of iPad will be replaced by the plastic body in the remote control.

White has been very much sure and anxious about the new featured television set introduced by the apple from last few weeks. He also revealed that they will announce such news in May and will held its launching with continuing six months.

It most probably assert that if anything like that is going to happen than certainly apple will introduce such a television set in start of 2013 in market and this time is quite enough for the developers to start working on software’s and applications for such a device.

White also revealed in October 2011 that iOS, Siri and Face time featured television set will be introduced by the company of Apple which will be $100 billion opportunity for them. He , moreover, wrong predicted that such a TV will launch in October 2011.

White also said that apple is going to introduce new model of iPhone and a iPad with a smaller size in tan exciting September.



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