Apple To Take On Google By Revealing Its Own Set Of Applications

Apple To Take On GoogleApple Inc, when hold the annual meeting for the developers of software on Monday, all extraordinary persons will be on hand so secure the one who is the leader. Google Inc.

Apple is going to introduce its own application for the mapping which will certainly affect and challenge the strong position of Google mapping on the iPhone. It will definitely reveal the integration of iPhone and iClouds that will come in competition with the Google android smart phones with n the storage saving devices.

This will help and support the Siri a voice application in iPhone and iPad which are poles apart from the androids.

Macintosh laptops will also be enabled then maintaining their own position in competition with the Google and its applications within the aspect of hardware too.

Carolina minalesi is a well known analyst at Gartner research and said that apple is entirely trying to introduce new features and application to its mobiles phones so that they can be better than Google devices.

When the battle starts in many aspects then new and various things have to be used for a good success and ensured victory. Apple is trying to introduce new features in many advanced and attractive ways in both software and hardware o compete the Google free devices and approaching.

Android has been a constant source of danger to apple because of its hardware and app features. Apple has been compete and challenged by the Samsungs electronic android driven galaxy iPhone and smart phones. Similarly apple tablets are also compared by the amazon.com inc. kindle fire.

Carolina says that all the matter is about the favor and sincerity and nothing else that ties the consumer and user for the use and buying on either side of apple or android as it is all about the likeness and attraction.



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