Apple Unveils New MacBook Terming It The Most Beautiful Apple Computer

New Apple MacBookThe opening of the annual WWDC of the Apple Siri Voice system held at San Francisco was of dull of surprises. The main crux of the conference was the newly introduced device by apple called as Mac book air that was a thin and most beautiful computer by apple.

Tim Cook a CEO of Apple after the joke told about the popularity and advancement of apple devices and application and revealed that there are about 650,000 apps and 30 billion downloads for apple on the internet.

Then he turned his attention towards the hero of the show that was the Mac book computer.

At the biggest gathering and occasion of apple of the year where all the top most developers and anxious persons were present Tim told that in their new device they are introducing new features for notebook lineup and certain new versions regarding the OS and iOS.

But the new software was not of so attraction as apple had already announced that in the previous conferences.

The senior manager of WWM, Phil Schiller, said that the next version of MacBook Pro is of much worth and attraction with exclusive specifications. The retina display in enhanced, with 4.5 pounds weight, along with new chip of Intel and with a price of $2,199.

Schiller said that there was no such smart, advanced and modified notebook in past and it was a breakthrough in the history.

Thickness of the Pro was 0.71 inches only as told by company showing the model. The less expensive and smaller versions were also introduced by the company whose cost starts from $ 1000 only.

Along with this one a new version of ultra thin laptops was also launched by Apple that was going to sweep and vanish all the old and traditional heavy and flat laptops certainly.


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