Apple Reveals iPad Smart Case

iPad Smart caseAfter the comprehensive address at this WWDC (World Wide Developer’s Conference), another new product is added by Apple to 2012 line up and that is the iPad Smart Case. The Smart Case mainly improves its predecessor, the magnetic cover for the iPad that covers both the back and front of the device. While the up gradation was not enough worthy of an onstage announcement like details about iOS 6, it is still good news for the users of iPad.

The newly revealed Smart Case’s magnetic screen flap exactly works as it did with Smart cover, but the new thing is it is integrated into matching polyurethane back. It is still possible to fold the cover back in order to prop up iPad for video viewing or typing. It is quite simple that the additional coverage or protection comes with additional cost. The cost of the Smart Case is $10 which is more expensive than smart cover. The Smart Cases have come in all the colors of Smart cover’s polyurethane like light gray, dark gray, blue, green and pink- in addition to new red that was previously available only in the lather version of Smart Cover. But this type is really expensive.

Furthermore, newly revealed Smart Phone Case has a logo of Apple on its back which will help to show the branding of iPad and will be engraved at no extra charge. While writing this article, it is not clear whether apple thinking of replacing the Smart Cover by the new Smart Case because the Smart Covers are still present at the market for purchase. Still the website of Apple is offering Smart Covers to the users of iPad. At last, it is noticeable that New Smart Case is beneficial over the previous Smart Cover.

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  1. nisa says:


    Just wondering if this case would hold onto the magnetic part of the cover.
    or will it fall?

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