Apple Replaces Google Map With It’s Own 3D Map

Apple MapApple has revealed that a 3D map is being created in competition with Google over the online map directly. It is designed to monitor the iPhone users for creating live maps of the traffic congestion when they drive. This live map has a flyover feature which will let the users fly virtually around the major cities. Apple has aimed to use real time data from the users of iPhone to keep the traffic information up to date. The traffic monitoring is one of the parts of new satellite navigation that feature in this maps app.

Analysts’ saying that the decision of abandoning Google maps is quite similar to mapping war as Google map was providing mapping data for the users of iPhone since 2007 when it was introduced first. Sidelining the service of Google map, Forstall said that iOS6; the new operating software will start with a new mapping system. Previously close partner Google is now the biggest competitor of Apple with the Android operating system in the market of smartphone. On the other hand, Facebook is the biggest boost from Apple going deep into the iPad and iPhone software.

With the iOS6 software, it will be possible to update the facebook status of Phone users. Forstall also said that it will be possible to like apps and movies in iTunes store of Apple. He also mentioned that the voice command application of Apple; Siri will add new languages including Korean, Chinese, Spanish and many more. Siri will be able to launch movies and applications at the commands of its users. But is not clear whether Apple will run iPads, iPhones and iPod touches after the release of iOS6. At present, Apple is expecting to bring the next version of iOS6 in the market.

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