Apple App Store Is Now The Largest Online Store

Apple App Store The Largest Online StoreOn 13th June 2012 Apple’s CEO Tim Cook has announced in 2012 World Worldwide Developers Conferencethat the App Store of Apple iOS has finally hit the download mark of 30 billion. He also mentioned that Apple has paid out $3 billion to the App developers by this time for developing app for their operating system.

Tim Cook also stated that Apple has become the leader in app market as it already has got more than 400 million accounts which are active and registered with credit card to the iTunes Store. So, the app store has become the place from where Apple has been making huge money being the largest ever holder of customer credit details. It also indicates the safety and risk free online app store services of Apple for which such a huge number of people all over the world are getting connected with them.

In spite of being the most popular online app store Apple doesn’t provide access to all countries but as Tim Cook stated, the Apple App Store will expand to some extent and as a result 32 new countries will be added to the app store list. So, very soon the total number of nations which will have access over Apple App Store will be 155 in total.

Everyone especially fan boys were excited about the revelation of Apple’s ultra-modern Retina Display of MacBook pro and spring release of iOS 6 but the speech of Apple’s CEO not only make the fans  happy but also make the developers, competitors and market observers interested about the next projects of Apple. So, to some extent it can be said that the World Worldwide Developers Conference 2012 has brought something positive for all from the top innovators of technology world including Apple. Now everything is depending on time. Let’s see what happens.

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